April 20, 2009

Interview with Marcilio Browne

Four Dimensions Team: Marcilio, you had a perfect start into the PWA Wave Season with a 4th place on Cabo Verde. Do you aim now higher Goals for the
Wave Rankings?
Marcilio: Cape Verde was a really good result for me. That puts me in a good position now for the start of the season.But right now i am not thinking about rankings so much, i will train hard and do my best to reach good results, in the end lets see what happens!

FD Team: You spend many hours a day in the water. Can you tell how many hours you usually invest in Waves and Freestyle and how you prepare your body to still work?
Marcilio: Here in Maui especially our routine is really intense. We usually sail 3 or 4 hours in the waves everyday, sometimes even a bit more. If there is no waves i usually sail the same amount in freestyle. But lately i have been doing a lot more wavesailing. I also do yoga 4 times a week and eat some suplements that really help to keep the energy after sailing everyday for many weeks.

FD Team: One part of your training is checking lots of videos from yourself. Is this also a reason why you are so close involved side the Four Dimensions Movie Production?
Marcilio: Videos really help to improve and i always try to watch as much as possible, but thats not really the reason i am involved with Four dimensions. I think the guys behind it are the best in making windsurf movies, and i am super stoked to be on a movie made by them.

FD Team: Tell us a little bit how a day of a video production looks like?
Marcilio: Looks like sailing from 11 until 5, hahuahahua. Trying a lot of diferent angles and many new ideias we have. But that i can not say, you have to watch the movie.

FD Team: Can you tell me your time schedule for the upcoming 4 month - more/less?
Marcilio: After Maui i will go to Egypt for 3 weeks. Than maybe to venezuela if there is a contest there. If not, i will just go to canaries in early June and stay there training before all the events. After that i go to the south of Brasil practice some portack wave sailing.

FD Team: Were du you see yourself in 10 years?
Marcilio: doing the waves tour and sailing sick waves around the world hopefully.!!!

Marcilio Brown is sponsored by: Fanatic, north, chiemsee, ion, kaenon

Marcilio making a Taka. Hookipa/Maui.

Marcilio in action. Cape Verde. Pic by John Carter

Marcilio flys high. Cape Verde. Pic by John Carter

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